Info! In just a few easy steps, you can submit your measurements to us. Start by filling out the personal information. After having filled out those, please continue to the measurement information tab and fill out the requested input with as much detail as possible. Then proceed to the Finalize measurement tab and fill out the information there, so we can draw a picture of your exact requirements. Should you be in doubt about any of the information needed, please contact us at:
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Unit of Measurement
ChestMeasure around body well up under arm holes.
StomachMeasure around stomach line.
LengthMeasure from lower collar seam to length desired.
Full ShoulderMeasure back at end of shoulders.
SleevesMeasure sleeves from shoulder seem to length desired.
NeckMeasure around the neck.
FrontMeasure from one armhole to other arm hole in front.
BackMeasure from one armpit to other arm pit at back.
WaistMeasure around waist Line.
HipsMeasure around hips at widest point of seat but not tight.
CrotchMeasure from center front waist under legs to center back waist.
LengthMeasure from top of waist band to bottom of cuff.
CuffMeasure width around cuff as shown
ThighMeasure width around the thigh as shown.

Select the pictures nearest to your figure :

Normal Shoulders Normal Neck
Sloping Shoulders Long Neck
Square Shoulders Short Neck

Select the pictures nearest to your figure :

Normal Posture
Forward Stoop
Forward Stomach

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