How we dress is the first thing people notice about us and is a good indication of character. It helps to define us and is an outward show of our inner selves. In many workplaces and formal settings, it’s generally considered that men should wear a suit and it would be easy to be fooled into thinking simply throwing on a jacket, shirt and tie will make us look the part. This could not be further from the truth. If you want to look at your sharpest and best, you need a good quality tailored suit. But even if you’re rocking a crisp, fitted suit, accessories complete the look. Here we look at how neckwear affects a suit.


When selecting your tie, the key is to match the tie to the clothing. If you buy a tie juts because it looks great and then try to match your clothes to it, you’ll almost certainly fail. When selecting the tie, have in mind the suit you want to wear it with. And don’t try to match it to the suit. The tie should offer the contrast color in the suit, and if you’re wearing a packet square the two should be bought together so they match perfectly. Think proportion too. If your slim and your suit is fitted a wide tie is going to look comical. Likewise, if you’re a larger gentleman wearing a slim tie it will look too thin and actually detract from the look. And choose colors that reflect your natural tones. If you have far skin and light colored hair you will have low contrast and should stick to pastel and monochrome colors. If you have darker skin and hair you should go for colors that contrast. When you buy your suit it’s best to buy a range of ties at the same time so that everything matches, and you can just select the best combination for the event.


For years bowties were synonymous with mad scientists, mathematicians and the 19th century. But they’re back in and, if worn well, can help create a great modern look. The principles of contrast and proportion still apply but, outside of white-tie or black-tie events, you can have a little more fun with a bowtie.  The bowtie is a quirky and out-there piece so you can be bolder in your choice of color and pattern. It can be paired with a suit or with chinos and a shirt as preferred. However, if you are attending a white-tie or black-tie event you must stick to protocol.


A bolo consists of a piece of cord or braided leather with decorative metal tips, secured with an ornamental clasp or slide. It has a rugged, western look and conveys a cool, casual appearance. Best matched with casual dress shirt, Oxford or denim shirt, the addition of sports coat creates a sharp look.

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