Men usually switch to casual clothing in summer, which is nice for a change. However, they cannot switch to casuals to work. Summer friendly dress shirts are in vogue now. You can look formal and stylish; at the same time feel comfortable. The range of dress shirt styles and options are increasing over time. The choice of fabric, the cut and the color are important aspects while choosing the right summer dress shirt.

Read on to get some tips and inputs from one of the best tailors in phuket before you shop for that dress shirt this summer.

  • Check for buttoned down dress shirts preferably in pastel hues and nowadays even the pin stripes and checks are well received by the fashionistas.
  • Try on some very nice moisture wicking cotton shirts that will not leave you sweaty and irritated by the end of the day.
  • Seek out for no-iron fabric shirts that will stay neat and smart at the end of the day. These materials are now in the market, very convenient to maintain and use.

  • Look for the cut that fits you perfectly. Do not compromise on a too loose or too tight fit. When you are not able to find one for your contour get it tailormade as the perfect fitting shirts are worth every penny.
  • Other alternatives to cotton are linen, poplin, madras and light weight cottons. These materials have the sheen and feel very soft and light on the hot, perspiring skin.
  • Some shirt stylists add an extra button down the cuff to give more movement to your elbows and ventilation where air circulation is better to keep you cool.
  • Colours can be deceptive and fun when you wear a light jacket or suit over your dress shirt for that perfect combination.

Come summer time, the tie can be a true exception when combined with a light coloured suit and a soft blended dress shirt. It can give you  exactly the perfect chic appearance you are looking for.  Keep your body cool, drink on those tall glasses of fresh juice and mocktails to keep you cool and energetic. A siesta might help on long sunny days as well. Dress cool to keep cool!

The dress shirts are a big life saver for the men’s wardrobe. These shirts, irrespective of the fabric used, need to be designed well. Visitors and local residents in Phuket are lucky to have us, Instyle Bespoke Tailors, as we help our customers find the ideal fabric and shirt style before customising it for them for that perfect fashionable look. We specialise in men’s dress shirts and  are ready to provide our services to our loyal customers throughout the year.

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