Fall fashion is about getting the right fabrics, colors, and combinations. Style is as important in Fall as it is in spring or summer and the cooler temperatures are a great excuse to experiment with some heavier fabrics and some different textures. Here we look at what’s big this year, and a few classic fall garments you’ll wear again and again.

Structured blazers

A blazer is every man’s secret style weapon. It can be dressed up with a white dress shirt or dressed down with a sweater or hoodie, jeans and sneakers or pumps. And it adds a layer when the temperature starts to drop.

The half zip

Slightly smarter than your regular sweatshirt but just as comfortable. This is a great addition to your wardrobe for those smart-casual occasions. It can be layered over a flannel shirt and paired with colored chinos or jeans. It’s best to choose Chelsea boots or similar. Pumps or sneakers with half zip will scream mid-life crisis.

Colored denims

Fall is the time to ditch the classic blue denim and go for seasonal colors. Nothing too bright – but burgundy, burnt orange, mustard or bottle green are great earthy colors for this season and will look great paired with brown or tan boots, belts, and sweaters. Just be sure not to overdo it. Too many colors and you’ll look like you’re trying to dress up too much. Keep it muted and understated.

The leather belt

Easily forgotten but the belt can pull a look together. For a casual look, it can have the same effect as the tie in a formal suit. It adds a slight contrast as well as being functional and should be matched to the color of your shoes – especially for formal occasions.

The polo

The polo is a classic. Not quite a t-shirt but not yet a shirt, it’s suitable for casual and smart casual occasions. As a slightly heavier garment than your regular t-shirt, it offers a little extra warmth and it can be dressed up with a sports jacket to give it a slightly more formal look but is equally well paired with a waterproof jacket. Polos should be block color and worn with blue denim or with chinos. Chelsea boots or boat shoes will work depending on the rest of the outfit but be wary of pairing your polo with sneakers or pumps.

Chukka boots

Versatile and stylish, chukka boots are perfect for a casual look but also work well for business casual. They’re on trend this year and pair well with jeans. For black jeans go for black chukkas but blue jeans should be paired with brown or tan chukkas. And get some footwear protector to keep them in good condition as these are likely to become a Fall staple.

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