When it comes to men’s and women’s fashion, it’s fair to say that there are more differences than similarities. Rarely do we look at someone and are unable to determine their gender based on their clothes. But you might be surprised to discover that, although the garments themselves differ massively in some cases, the protocols and principles associated with women’s fashion are very similar to those that dictate men’s fashion. Here we look at some items of women’s fashion and their equivalent men’s garments.

Business attire

A smart suit and tie is standard business attire associated with men in the workplace. But let’s not be duped into believing that just any suit will do. For a man to exude authority he needs a tailored suit and accessories that complement the look. And the same goes for women. While it may appear that women have more freedom in business attire, the truth is that many blouse and skirt combinations are the equivalents of an off-the-rack cheap suit. A woman in power will want to wear a pants suit or skirt suit. Again, this should be adjusted to fit perfectly and paired with accessories that enhance the suit and show power and authority.

Formal wear

For a black-tie or white tie event, a man is expected to wear a tuxedo and appropriate colored bowtie. Shoes should be black patent leather and, depending on the particular event, a cummerbund may be required. This is not an event for pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box. Likewise, there is a dress code for women. They should wear a proper evening gown with shoes, handbags, and jewelry to compliment the look. Women have a little more flexibility in terms of the color they choose to wear but the fit is crucial. At such an event there is no margin for error.

Summer wear

Summer is a time to have fun and experiment with your style. Light fabrics, bright colors, and innovative combinations are readily encouraged and it’s a chance to stamp your own style on fashion. But for both men and women, it’s important to think about colors that complement rather than clash and to ensure you layer to prevent sweat patches showing. Loose-fitting shirts for men and maxi dresses for women should help keep you cool and comfortable as well as looking stylish. The summer shirt and maxi dress are garments that lend themselves to bold patterns so be brave and try something new. In terms of accessories, again there are many options. Costume jewelry can come into its own here, as can some fabric accessories such as wristbands and anklets that you would never normally get away with.

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