Did you ever find yourself standing in front of your closes on a workday morning, having no clue at all about what to wear? Do you don a business casual suit or rather just a classy T-Shirt paired with jeans? Maybe you don’t feel like wearing a necktie today. It can be confusing to choose your look. You’re not the only one who is confused about what to wear. Many gents out there are asking themselves the very same in the mornings, all around the world. To help you make the right choices, we’ve created a set of ‘rules’ on how to step up your style game in an anything-goes type of office, and feel dapper in the process.

The Traditional-Suit Office

Always make sure to tighten up. A bunchy, ballooning, untailored suit only says, “Hey, boss, I only kind of care about my look!” Make sure to add a tie with texture to your look, think small and trade the oversized plaid shirt with a tighter, more sophisticated pattern. To round off the look, add a tie bar and a pocket square. In terms of your jacket, always, and we mean always, keep your jacket buttoned, unless you’re sitting down – or you’ll end up wearing out the button or destroying the shape of the suit.

Sure, the well-dressed gentleman gets noticed at work. But the real reason to look presentable isn’t to impress your boss or your colleagues however; it’s to have some self-respect really. This is your career. You probably worked hard to get where you are, so take some pride in being there too. Dressing well every morning acknowledges that you’re preparing for something important – something that is greater than where you are now. It reminds you to prize your dignity and to never be the kind of worker—no, the kind of man—who does only the bare minimum.
You really can’t go wrong wearing a suit, like, ever. You’ll never be underdressed; you’ll always look your best, and seriously, nothing is easier to put on during your morning routine than a suit. The top and bottom already match, so there’s that little less to worry about.

“You have a responsibility to represent the company through your style. You’re the business card in that moment.”

When it comes to the color of your suit, have a look at our article (link to: How to buy a suit for the office and what to pair it with)

The Business-Casual Office Outfit

Right now there is perhaps no greater pitfall in the world of office style than the half suit. We’re talking about pairing the dress pants with no jacket ‘look’. We’re not against the idea generally; we’re just against doing it wrong. When dressing yourself for a more business casual office outfit, always make sure to wear well-fitted dress shirt. Mix and match with shirt and tie patterns to remain a fresh look at different days at the office. In terms of accessories, wear a leather strap watch and add a belt buckle to your belt, but make sure that it’s not too large.

Your dress pants shouldn’t be the puddling lower part of your body that people focus their look on, so make sure that they’re hemmed up correctly and end at the top of your shoe.

Your dress shirt should always be tucked in, no matter which level of casual you’re dealing with at work.

I don’t believe you should have different clothes for work and for going out. These days the coolest guy in the bar is the most dressed up. You shouldn’t have to go home and change.”

The Anything-Goes Office Outfit

The happy middle-ground of dress-codes is really a confusing mess. To avoid this, always have the 80-20 business-casual ratio in mind. Start off with office-proper pants and a slim-fit dress shirt, then pepper it with stylish details.

Even if you’re working at a start-up, your look deserves a collar. Save the T-shirt for the yard work after your shift is finished.

In terms of your shoe-game, simple low-top leather sneaks are fine for the job. Busted running shoes are not however.

Wear a tie with a four-in-hand knot – don’t play around all too much. It goes with just everything, really.

Don’t wear clothes with logos larger than the width of two fingers. Not on your belt, not on your shirt, not on your gym bag. Even if it’s your company’s logo. No, especially if it’s your company’s logo.

Always dress like the best version of yourself at work. And if the best version of yourself doesn’t fit in at your office, then maybe you’re in the wrong office.