We’ve, on multiple occasions, recommended that you go to a specialised tailor for all your specific needs. There are a bunch of pros to working with a professional with multiple years of experience under his or her belt. You get a perfect fit guarantee, guaranteeing you that illusive combination of great comfort and good looks.

If you’re still holding the stigma that bespoke tailoring is overly expensive, think again. Recent advancements in modern technology means that affordable tailoring isn’t a pipe dream. Add experience in traditional tailoring have a recipe for fast delivery. Affordable and effectiveness in a single package, what’s not to like?

We at Instyle Bespoke Tailors pride ourselves at being at the top tier of tailors. We don’t keep secrets when it comes to what makes us tick. Today, we’ll be going through our tailoring procedure, step by step, giving you a full overview about what to expect when you work with us.


1. Booking an appointment

As we’re based in Phuket, you’re always welcome if you’re in the area. Either drop us an email or contact us via telephone or Facebook to let us know you’re coming. Giving us a rough idea about what you need can help us prepare for your arrival, prompting a more effective dialog when we do meet. If our services interest you, don’t let being abroad stop you. Drop us an email so we can arrange a meeting.

2. The First meeting

The first time we meet, we’ll take thing steady. If you know for certain the look you’re after, do let us know, as it expedites the process significantly. Sample images do speak a thousand words. The first meeting will take around 45 minutes to an hour of your time. Mainly, you’ll be looked at by Manit, Niphon or any one of our professional staff, working with you to find your measurements.

Throughout the meeting, we’ll take note about what you need, and offer you suggestions regarding choice of fabric, style and cut, as well as taking down your measurements, making notes about adjustments that will accommodate your posture.

3. First Fitting Session

Next time you come over, we’ll have a pair of trousers stitched up for an early trial, and our master cutter will personally provide you a fitting for your bespoke suit, using a jacket stitched up to the baste stage. We then work with the taken notes, as major changes are still perfectly possible at this stage.

4. Second Fitting Session

This time, you get to try out your clothes again. Any garments not tried at the initial fitting are completed at this point, and you can even try out your nearly completed jacket. We also provide skilled, relevant and contemporary advice to you, ensuring that your tailormade suit is exactly what you expect.


5. Third Fitting Session

It’s been a long journey, but this time, all your clothes are completed. This fitting will ensure that all necessary adjustments are made, giving you the perfect fit you need. If everything is in order, then your garments go to our quality control team, making sure that everything is perfect. We also note down every minute detail of your completed outfit, helping your future orders.

6. Re-Ordering

And we’re certain that you’ll be back. Since we’ve got your measurements in our records, we can easily recreate your sizes and any new designs you’re looking for. Since it’s the modern era, ordering online still allows for easy delivery, so order away.