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Did you know that you can make money or get access to free suits and shirts simply by telling others about Instyle Tailors? No? then you can learn more here. By recommending Instyle Tailors to a new potential customer, you become eligible for our Referral program. Depending on the total sum of the placed order of your acquaintance, you get eligible for a free suit, shirts, or you can also decide to get paid in your local currency (perhaps for your next order at Instyle Tailors). You will receive a 5% of the order total of all clients referred to us by you. Your commissions are sent to you via PayPal 30 days after the customers have received their orders. This is to ensure that there are no refunds on those orders.If you wish to get free suits and shirts instead of cash, then simply use our online order section, or if you are repeating customer, then let us know your customer ID. We’ll manage the rest.


Spreading the news about Instyle Tailors gets you potential access to free shirts, suits and commissions.


Refer a customer, who then purchases from us, you can choose to get your own suit made. It’s on us. The only thing holding us back is your referral.


Instyle Tailors will transfer your commissions via PayPal, if you are not situated in Patong, Phuket. If you are located here, we’ll pay you in cash.


Design Online

Use the designer tool to custom design your clothes to your unique preference.


Create your measurement profile that will be saved in your account for later use.

Expert Tailoring

Our experienced tailors will create your new clothes using the measurement and customization.


Your clothes will be dispatched by our logistics partner within 15 days of order.

Thousands of satisfied customers

      You can choose from several price quality’s for the Fabrics. Don’t worry, even the starting range in fabrics is perfect. Always go for the shirts as well, they last long and keep looking bright. You won’t be sorry.
    All tailormade below the price of confection!

    thumb sjoerdvt

      I was lucky to come across Manit while on a trip to Thailand. My wife and I ordered custom suits from him and were very happy with the results. Manit comes to the states on a yearly basis and has been custom making my suits for over ten years. I highly recommend him for any type of custom tailoring that you are looking for. He offers a wide variety of Quality fabrics and will be able to recommend the best option for you depending on your budget.

    thumb ajthomas212

      Last year I visited Manit from Instyle Tailors in Phuket and I was convinced by his service and quality. As he had already told me back then he travels around Europe in May in order to visit his clients at home. Hence, I arranged a...More

    thumb Tobias S

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