Tailoring Procedure


1. Book Appointment

Planning a trip to Phuket and want to visit us? Please make an appointment with us, so we can prepare for your arrival. Are you interested in getting started with your tailoring procedure, but happen to be abroad? Please do contact us via E-mail and we’ll get in touch with you.
Phone: Manit (+66 89 665 6195) Email: manit@instyletailors.com Facebook: InstyleTailors

2. First Meeting

Initial Consultation and Measurements session

If you know what you want to have tailored, and perhaps have a sample image at hand, we can begin the next steps. Usually the first appointment at Instyle Tailors requires about 45 minutes to an hour of your time. You will be looked after by Manit, Niphon or one of our specialized staff and we will work with you throughout the fitting process. During this meeting we will discuss your requirements and guide you with some fabric selection to suit you needs. We will then discuss the style and cut of your garment and then proceed to take your initial measurements taking into account all the details of your posture.

3. The First Fitting

We will then proceed to hand cut the fabric to your specific sizes taken at the earlier meet. During the first fitting, we will have a pair of trousers stitched up for an initial trial and we will have our master cutter personally give you a fitting for the suit with the jacket stitched up to the baste stage. At this stage all details of your adjustments will be noted down and the garments will be returned to our workshop where any major changes can still be made to the garment. Depending on what you have ordered and the schedule, you will be booked in for your next fitting the following day, or at your earliest convenience.

4. The Second Fitting

At the second fitting, you will get the chance to try on all your clothes again. Any remaining garments not tried at the initial fitting will be completed. Jackets are at an almost completed stage, but the sleeves may or may not have been attached yet depending on the complexity of your fit. We offer skilled, relevant and contemporary advice to our clients during these fittings, with regards to fit and style. The second fitting will take around 20 -30 minutes.

5. The Third Fitting

This will be your final fitting and all of your garments will be complete. However, despite having 2 initial fittings it is possible that some more minor adjustments may be required.  If any further adjustments are required, they can be made in a very short time. Once you have approved everything, your tailored clothing will be handed over to our highly skilled quality control team, who go over each and every garment with a comb, ensuring that everything is in order. At this stage we will also make a note of detailed measurements of the completed garments. This will ensure that all your future orders will be made to perfection.

6. Re-Ordering

Many of our clients have been with us for many years, either via online orders or by visiting us in-store. If you have gone through our fitting process once, we have all your sizes and preferences on file. This allows us to recreate your sizes and create any new garments you may require, whether you visit us in shop, or order online.

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