The sports coat is arguably the most versatile of jackets. It can be paired with a t-shirt or shirt,  or perhaps jeans or colored pants. As a matter of fact, it can also be paired with footwear as diverse as pumps, as well as Oxford shoes, or boots. As with all fashion, however, you can’t just throw on a sports jacket and still expect to look the part. In this article, we look at how to pair and wear a sports jacket. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Pair it with your pants

Not everyone likes a sports coat and jeans look. It is a perfectly acceptable pairing, however. You’ll need smart jeans that are in excellent condition, so no rips or tears. Try to make sure you wear a belt too. This is a smart-casual look, so both the jeans and sports jacket needs to fit well. If you buy an off-the-rack jacket with it, however, you could try to have it adjusted by a tailor for a perfect fit.

Alternatively, most casual and smart casual pants look good with a sports jacket. If the coat is patterned, you are perhaps best off to opt for neutral-colored pants that don’t clash with it. A dark jacket should always be paired with light pants and vice versa.

With a shirt and tie

Casual and classic, this is always in style. A patterned sports coat with a solid-colored shirt and a thin tie looks great at any time. Again, if the jacket is patterned, make everything else solid colors to avoid looking too busy. Be brave with your choice of tie and try to keep it slim and avoid patterns. Perhaps even experiment with mixing and matching colors and textures for a bit. And above all else – try to remember to tuck your shirt in.

With a t-shirt or a polo shirt

Slightly less formal, but no less classic, you can pair the look it with a t-shirt or polo-shirt. This is a clean, simple, and stylish look. A white t-shirt will always look great, but any color will work depending on the color of your jacket. The t-shirt or polo shirt look will work best with jeans and a solid-color t-shirt that complements the jacket or even dark. That is, if the jacket is light and vice versa. You can wear a printed t-shirt for a more artsy look.

Pick the right shoes

Shoes can make or break the look. If you’re planning on wearing jeans, then try to opt for Oxford shoes, loafers or brogues. Anything too casual, like sneakers or pumps, for instance, and things can easily go wrong and tell a story of mid-life crisis. More casual shoes will work better with more formal, dressier pants as they will tone it down and add informality.

How about business wear?

The sports jacket is not to be ruled out as business wear as it really depends on your company’s dress code, but in many modern offices, it will be acceptable. And it’s perfect for those corporate away-days where you want a business-casual look.

To button or not?

When standing up the choice is yours. It usually looks better and helps you look slimmer if your jacket is buttoned when standing, but when you sit down it must be unbuttoned. If you choose to button the jacket, try to do the top button only.

The sports coat is suitable for multiple occasions, and it can be formalized or informalized by what else you wear with it. It may not be the perfect garment since it will never do for a full formal occasion, but good quality, custom-tailored sports jacket should be a mainstay of every man’s wardrobe as it’s versatile and classic.
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