In the office, it’s only natural to want to look your best. Professionalism is a key component of any workforce, and as many will likely tell you, first impressions are the most important. Your outfit speaks volumes about you, and not only to your client. It’s a well-known fact that being well-dressed adds to your own confidence, so it’ll all be smooth sailing with the right work attire.

It is due to this that most companies demand a formal dress code. Through the word ‘formal’, it is natural to expect a full suit set, preferably tailormade with the highest quality fabrics. Those keen on letting off an aura of style and fashion might find this to be limiting, but in this guide, we’ll be showing you that the minor details can still be changed to your liking.

The suit

The gentleman’s choice since the early 18th century, nothing says sophisticated like a bespoke suit. While it may seem a bit more expensive than store bought solutions, it is an investment that lasts you a long time. With custom-tailored suits, you get guaranteed quality and perfect fit, which is a definite plus in the looks department.

The fit

Fit is something commonly overlooked, but a bit of thought goes a long way. Many of us were raised with the understanding that sizes can be generalized as simple numbers, but that’s quite a wide generalization. Every single person has a different body shape and size, so why not get something designed to fit you perfectly?

A suit without a matching size will always be troublesome. Too small and you end up with restricted movement, too large and you look baggy. The perfect fit is elusive, and it’s all the more reason to get a bespoke suit from the best tailors you can find. With professionally made measurements, tailormade suits are always perfectly fitted and designed to show you off at your best.

The colors

The color of your suit makes a huge difference. No one wants to see you working in bright pink after all, so take some care while picking out colors. The classic black has been the most popular choice since the early days, and navy blue is a equally valid choice. Anything that isn’t overly bright will serve you well for years to come, and the recent trend of gray is a particularly good-looking choice, being modifiable to suit your individual complexion.

The fabrics

Depending on your local weather, different fabrics have their unique pros and cons. A general rule of thumb is to get materials that breathe, especially if you’re prone to sweating. Cotton and wool come highly recommended, as their natural properties are hard to beat.

The place to go

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